The XGWC catalog

XGWC is a catalog of ~750 000 known X-ray sources that are also possible candidates for gravitational wave production. The catalog is originally based on public data resources such as the Master X-ray Catalog of the HEASARC Data Archive and the Gravitational Wave Galaxy Catalog.

The catalog provides information (if known) on source names, source types, sky positions in equatorial coordinates, observatory and survey table names. We associated flags to each source deciding whether the source is expected to be galactic or extragalactic. We used the flags 'galactic' and 'extragalactic' for sources where the source type and/or the survey description inferred this. We used the flag 'probably galactic' for all sources where the galactic b coordinate was found to be |b|<=5 degs. |b|>5 degree sources were flagged as 'probably extragalactic'. We also associated galaxy names from the GWGC catalog to all sources where the sky position overlapped with the sky area of any <100Mpc galaxies from the GWGC catalog.

An on-line catalog search tool is available HERE. The search is carried out within a square-shaped sky tile of specified central coordinates and specified side length. The tile is oriented along the RA and DEC axes, and to map the square shape to the sky map, we elongate the tile sides along the RA axis with a factor of 1/cos(DEC).

The latest version of the catalog in ascii format is available HERE. Each row corresponds to one source object in the catalog. The columns correspond to the following parameters, respectively: ra; dec; lii; bii; a number representing the gal/extragal flag; object name; survey table; source type; gal/extragal flag; number of associated galaxies; name of associated galaxies (if any). To see the raw statistics of the latest catalog click HERE.

For a more detailed description of the catalog, the search procedure, and the sky tile mapping please read our documentation HERE (for LVC members only). A parameter file providing information on sources types that are included or not included in the XGWC from the Master Catalog, and also on survey tables that were considered in the 'galactic/extragalactic' flagging, is available HERE.

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Eotvos Gravity Research Group
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