GLADE (Galaxy List for the Advanced Detector Era)


We are introducing a value-added full-sky galaxy catalog with high completeness for identifying gravitational wave (GW) sources in order to support future electromagnetic (EM) follow-up projects of the LIGO/Virgo Collaboration. The catalog has been constructed (combined and matched) from four existing galaxy catalogs: GWGC, 2MPZ, 2MASS XSC and HyperLEDA. Additionally, we have extended GLADE with the SDSS-DR12 quasar catalog. GLADE contains 3,632,300 galaxies, which is two orders of magnitude greater than the number of galaxies in the GWGC catalog alone (53,312). Furthermore we considered it as a crucial requirement towards the catalog to contain B-band magnitudes and distances for as many entries as possible. Therefore we have associated these properties for 369,443 2MASS galaxies which lacked them with a regression algorithm teached on a subsample of the 2MPZ catalog. GLADE is complete to ~70 Mpc in terms of blue luminosity. Naturally, GLADE could be used in a broad range of various astrophysical projects besides EM follow-up efforts.

For a brief overview of the GLADE project, check out the talk slides presented at the 2015 September LIGO-Virgo Collaboration Meeting in Budapest, Hungary.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the catalog, please send us an email: