GLADE (Galaxy List for the Advanced Detector Era)


We are introducing a value-added full-sky galaxy catalog with high completeness for identifying gravitational wave (GW) sources in order to support future electromagnetic (EM) follow-up projects of the LIGO/Virgo Collaboration. The catalog has been constructed (combined and matched) from four existing galaxy catalogs: GWGC, 2MPZ, 2MASS XSC and HyperLEDA. Additionally, we have extended GLADE with the SDSS-DR12 quasar catalog. GLADE contains 3,262,883 objects, which is two orders of magnitude greater than the number of galaxies in the GWGC catalog alone (53,312). Naturally, GLADE could be used in a broad range of various astrophysical projects besides EM follow-up efforts.

GLADE is described in detail in the following paper: GLADE paper
Please cite this paper when using GLADE data.


We are very grateful for the Wide Field Astronomy Unit (WFAU) for providing the 2MPZ data used in creating GLADE.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the catalog, please send us an email: